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UnixFEM Online Services Pvt.Ltd. is a service provider company of UnixFEM, based in Mumbai, India and is India’s leading corporate salon services provider. We remain committed to serve our customers best and quality services in this criteria through our website www.unixfem.com . Our mobile application ,and our other associated platforms, customer can explore, research, compare prices and book wide range of services, which include unisex salon services, female salon services and spa. Our customer can review and book salon on all major Indian cities and towns in India. To ensure that our service is truly a “One-Stop-Solution” for all, we also provide salon at home service for our customers. Our brand is among the most well recognized brands in Indian online service provider industry. Based on our loyal existing customer base our comprehensive service offerings our experienced management team and our multi-channel strategy we believe we are well positioned to capitalize on the burgeoning Indian online service provider market.

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Brilliant reasons UNIXFEM.com should be your One-Stop-Solution. Waiting times are gone no more waiting in queue to be ready for your party & function Complete salon solution at UNIXFEM.com, you can book services from end-to-end by scouring suitable rates .UNIXFEM.COM provides a facility to book an appointment for salon serives in all over India with your time and date as well as UNIXFEM.COM provides SALON AT HOME services so you get the best deal at your door step. Your salon is now online and just one click ways we are continuously working to improve our listing with our business partners..

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